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Polish Company Zencard Signs Deal with OP Bank, One Of Finland’s Biggest Financial Institutions

Zencard's loyalty program management solution will be offered to the Finnish bank's customers in the first quarter of 2018

The Polish company, which was bought by PKO early this year, has been very active. I’ve just recently written about its deal with Super-Pharm and I already have some new, interesting news about it. The company's directors have just signed a contract with one of Scandinavia's largest financial institutions - the Finnish bank OP - for the use of the Zencard system.

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According to Zencard's Krzysztof Klimczak and Jarek Sygitowicz, the OP deal is an MVP contract - the goal is to test the service in the production environment, on a small group of customers, and it doesn’t yet imply that the service will be introduced on a larger scale. But OP is supposedly determined to start the project quickly - as early as the first quarter of 2018 - and then immediately introduce the Zencard solutions to its small and medium enterprise offer.

Let me remind you that Zencard's system makes it possible to sign customers up for any loyalty program using a payment terminal. Any bonuses received within the program, such as points, stamps or discounts, are automatically awarded to the customer with the next card transaction. An additional advantage for the loyalty program operator is the possibility to quickly connect the contents of a shopping basket to a particular customer.

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Zencard is a Polish startup and currently the only finalist of Start Path, Mastercard's global fintech program. In January PKO BP decided to invest in Zencard. Since then the company has begun working with the retailer Makro and Super-Pharm. It has also tested its system with two foreign banks - from Italy and the Netherlands.


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