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Revolut restores local IBAN numbers in Poland

First group of Revolut customers will receive invitations to activate local IBAN numbers today

Local IBAN numbers for Revolut customers in Poland are back for good. The fintech will still today inform customers that they can activate them in the application. To start with, invitations will go to around 25,000 people. The fintech bank has 1.5 million app and card users in Poland, including 250 thousand in Warsaw.

- When Revolut customers in Poland had to switch from Polish numbers to Lithuanian numbers in March 2021, the company promised that Polish account numbers would return. After successful testing in April 2022, the first group of Premium and Metal plan customers will today receive invitations to activate Polish IBAN numbers. The change will make it easier to receive local PLN transfers, including salary from an employer to an account in Revolut, says a press release sent to the editor.

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As reported by, in mid-April 2022. Revolut started testing the new service in cooperation with Aion Bank.

Customers who wish to switch IBANs should open the Accounts tab in the Revolut app, select the shortcut PLN and follow the instructions displayed. After accepting the terms and conditions, the new account details will appear.

The reinstatement of local IBAN numbers should please Revolut customers who have given their employer this account number as the correct one for salary payments. Revolut assures that such transfers increase the chances of receiving a positive decision when applying for a credit card or loan in its app. The fintech also announces "new possibilities in terms of Revolut's integration with Polish payment systems". Could it be that customers of the British fintech bank are about to receive Blik?

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As mentioned, Revolut lost its Polish IBANs in March 2021. That was when its agreement with Danske Bank expired. For customers, this meant an increase in the cost of transfers from most banks in Poland, which treated such operations as cross-border. Those who received salaries from Polish employers to their Revolot accounts suffered the most.


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