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Klarna is officially in Poland. At the start the offer for H&M customers

During the Warsaw premiere of the "Pay in 30 days" service, Sebastian Siemiątkowski, president and co-founder of Klarna, was present

Klarna officially operates on the Polish deferred payments market from today. This fintech, valued at nearly USD 46bn, offers deferred payments in the "Zapłać za 30 dni" (Pay in 30 days) programme, which means buy now, pay later. You could read about Klarna's imminent launch on the Polish market on at the end of June in the text "A new, powerful player on the deferred payments market in Poland. In August, Swedish Klarna will enter the market".

Customers of online shops cooperating with Klarna may pay for purchases after about one month. During this time they will check, try on, try out or possibly return the ordered product. All they have to do is to choose this payment method on the shop's website. In turn, the seller receives the money immediately after the purchase. Klarna takes over the collection of the payment from the buyer.

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Klarna announced today that its first e-commerce partner in Poland is the H&M brand. A Polish-language version of the fintech application has also appeared on the market. As you can read in the press release, you can browse recommended shops and manage payments with integrated sellers. Buyers can also use shopping lists, create their own collections, and activate notifications of promotions and price discounts. Other interesting features are expected to be added there soon.

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At the Warsaw premiere of the "Pay in 30 days" service, Sebastian Siemiątkowski, president and co-founder of Klarna, appeared in person. Siemiątkowski is one of those who created Klarna 16 years ago. He was 23 years old at the time. Today the fintech has 90 million users worldwide and employs 4,000 people. The company has also a full banking licence and processes 2 million transactions a day. Its services are used by 250,000 shops.

I asked Sebastian Siemiątkowski if he wasn't worried that Klarna is coming to the Polish market a little too late. After all, a similar service is already provided here by several other companies such as Twisto, Allegro or PayPo, some with great success. He replied that of course he is aware of the competition, but Klarna has prepared very carefully for the start in Poland, selecting the offer and expanding the network of cooperating sellers. He added that the company has been winning customers worldwide by offering a simple and functional payment method, thanks to which it could compete on the Western markets with, for example, the powerful PayPal, which had already been present there for several years. In his opinion, this will also be the case now. Whether he is right and Klarna will be among the leaders of deferred payments in Poland we will find out soon.


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