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Revolut's new service. Revolut Ramp is a direct purchase of cryptocurrencies in the MetaMask wallet

The new service is now available in Poland and the rest of the European Economic Area

Revolut has a new solution for customers interested in the cryptocurrency market. It has just offered the Revolut Ramp service, whereby a Revolut account or a Revolut-issued card can be designated as the funding source for the purchase of tokens in the MetaMask wallet.
As the press release reads, MetaMask is the world's leading web3 platform (a decentralised network using blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT) with 30 million monthly active users.

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How does the Revolut Ramp work? When a user clicks 'Buy' on their MetaMask wallet, Revolut will be listed as the top payment provider. After selecting this method, the customer will be redirected to Revolut's payment process, where they can buy cryptocurrencies for their MetaMask wallet and pay with their debit or credit card or use their Revolut account balance.

As Revolut's press office explains, one of the advantages of this solution is that the customer can skip the verification stage during the purchase, as they have already been identified in the Revolut app and can purchase more than 20 different tokens, including ethereum and stablecoins, among others, using Revolut Ramp.

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Revolut also reminds that cryptocurrencies are not for everyone. It encourages clients to seek information about them from a range of independent sources and to familiarise themselves with both the potential and the risks they bring. Therefore, before you start trading cryptocurrencies, you should analyse your financial situation and life circumstances. Investments in cryptocurrencies are as yet unregulated. The funds deposited in them are not guaranteed and token prices rise or fall often very dynamically.


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