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It's Official: Apple Pay Will Roll Out in Poland Within Several Months

It's Official: Apple Pay Will Roll Out in Poland Within Several Months

The news was delivered by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company's quarterly results call

Cashless reported in December 2017 that the second quarter of this year was a realistic date for the implementation of Apple Pay in Poland. You can read more about it here. Back then the information was unofficial, although it was confirmed by several independent sources. Tim Cook's announcement seems to prove that our sources were right.

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During Apple's recent conference detailing the company's second quarter 2018 earnings Tim Cook said that in the near future Apple Pay will be rolled out in three new countries - Poland, Norway and the Ukraine. He did not mention a specific date, but it was confirmed that this will happen within the next several months.

Apple Pay is a contactless mobile payment service. It works similarly to Android's Google Pay. The user can connect a payment card, such as Mastercard or Visa, to the app on an NFC-enabled smartphone, and use it to make contactless payments in POS terminals, similarly to using a contactless card.

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We still have no official information as to which banks will be the first ones to implement Apple Pay in Poland. My sources tell me that there might be five banks, including Alior, BZ WBK and mBank. From what I know, the companies are already on advanced stages of implementing Apple Pay - they are currently conducting so-called family and friends tests.


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