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Do You Have a Fintech Company? You Should Submit It to Our Polish Fintech Map!

Do You Have a Fintech Company? You Should Submit It to Our Polish Fintech Map!

Filling out our free questionnaire will only take a few minutes and guarantee you a spot in the first comprehensive directory of the Polish fintech market

Last year Cashless published the Polish Fintech Alphabet. It was the first attempt to catalog companies operating on the fintech market in Poland. The publication evoked a lot of interest from both Cashless readers and businesses. This positive reaction encouraged us to work on developing the Alphabet. Our efforts will result in creating a Polish Fintech Map.

The idea behind the Polish Fintech Map is to create the most comprehensive directory of and for the fintech market in Poland. It will contain information about all the companies operating in Poland that offer fintech, insurtech and regtech services.

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The map will be a helpful tool for investors interested in investment objectives in a given area, financial company managers looking for technological solutions for their organizations, startups analyzing the market before launching a new fintech business, or consumers who are looking for an alternative to the financial services they use. The data collected while working on the Polish Fintech Map will also be used in nominating companies for the Fintech of the Year and Fintech Future titles. Winners will be selected by a panel of established experts and financial managers.

The Polish Fintech Map will be created by the Cashless team in cooperation with the Fintech Poland Foundation and the international consulting firm Accenture. Every entry in the directory will contain the name of the company, the name of its general manager, basic contact information, a characteristic of the solution it offers, the company logo, etc.

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All of this will not be possible without your help. If you work in a fintech company or own a business that operates in this field, it should be featured on the Polish Fintech Map. We would therefore ask you to fill out a simple and free questionnaire. It will take no more than a few minutes and guarantee that your company's logo will be on the Polish Fintech Map.

In the last several days the Cashless team sent out invitations to fill out the questionnaire to all the fintech companies that we know. If you did not receive such an invitation and think that you should be featured on the Polish Fintech Map, email us at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. and include FINTECH MAP in the title. You will receive access to the online questionnaire and instructions on how to fill it out. We encourage everyone to take part!


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