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Payment card without own account. This is the result of cooperation between Aion and Mastercard

Aion Bank, together with Vodeno, became a member of the Mastercard Fintech Express program, enabling quick implementation of new technological solutions

Mastercard announced that it has established strategic cooperation with Aion Bank and its technological partner - the fintech company Vodeno. Under this agreement, Aion has become a member of Mastercard Fintech Express, a program enabling rapid implementation of new fintech solutions. Thanks to this, external entities operating in the fintech industry will be able to offer their clients interesting services offered by Aion and Vodeno.

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By combining Aion Bank's banking license and Vodeno's technology, a solution has been created that meets regulatory requirements and helps with rapid innovation. One of the interesting services offered by Aion and Vodeno is "Decoupled Debit". It consists in the fact that the card issued to the user does not have its own account, but is directly connected with other sources of financing. This solution has already been implemented by several customers in Europe and can be launched for Fintech Express customers in just a few weeks.

Aion was also the first bank in Belgium to use NFC technology to support the registration process for new retail and SME customers. It consists in the fact that the user, while creating an account in the Aion Bank application, places his passport on the phone so that it can read the customer's personal data. It is not necessary to take a picture of the document.

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In addition to completely digital handling of the loan process, Aion and Vodeno have also developed credit products for fintechs and companies selling on the Internet. Retailers can offer deferred or installment payments and other financial services in one comprehensive implementation. The technology is provided by Vodeno and the financing is provided by Aion Bank.

The Mastercard Fintech Express program is part of the comprehensive Mastercard Accelerate platform that provides startups and new businesses with support and assistance, from market entry to global expansion. This platform includes four main programs: Fintech Express, Start Path, Engage, and Developers.


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