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Booksy in the latest round raised over PLN 250 million

American funds that previously supported startups such as Revolut or have invested in the Polish company

Booksy, a Polish startup building a platform for arranging visits, for example, in beauty salons and pursuing an international career, announced the successful completion of another funding round. As part of it, the company raised USD 70 million, which in PLN is approx. 260 million. As part of round "C", American funds Cat Rock Capital and Sprints Capital invested in Booksy, which previously financed the activities of companies such as Revolut, Vinted, Takeaway and

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The information sent by Booksy shows that the company has so far managed to raise $ 120 million, or about PLN 450 million. The funds collected during the last round of financing, which seems to be record-breaking among Polish startups at a similar stage of development as Booksy, will be allocated to international expansion. The company wants to increase its share in its key markets, i.e. in the US and Europe, including Great Britain. The company also wants to start operations in Mexico.

"The potential of our further development is determined, among others, by still low digitization of beauty salons and the huge popularity of the application itself. Only in the United States, where the hair & beauty market is worth nearly USD 100 billion, still less than 5%. services are booked online. At the same time, Booksy is already one of the most downloaded applications in the lifestyle category and has more active users than any other app for the hair & beauty industry", says Stefan Batory, founder of Booksy.

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In the last 3 years, Booksy's revenue has grown by 1,500 percent. In December last year, the company acquired the competitive Versum platform. Currently, the Booksy app is actively used by 13 million users around the world. This year alone, it is to handle nearly 100 million visits worth over PLN 10 billion. Commentators speculate that Booksy may soon become a Polish unicorn, a company with a market valuation of more than one billion dollars.

Interestingly, Booksy allows you to make appointments not only in beauty salons, but also in financial companies such as BNP Paribas, Alior, Credit Agricole or in the e-commerce (x-kom) and telecommunications (Play) industries. Booksy is headquartered today in San Francisco. The company continues to grow despite the pandemic and related limitations. During last year's first lockdown, Booksy had to fire half of its employees.


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