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How many fintech customers use Apple Pay and Google Pay? First data from the Polish market

Most fintechs providing services to clients from Poland are reluctant to boast of the number of clients using services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay

For many quarters, you can regularly read reports on the growing popularity of mobile payment systems among bank customers on the website. The latest data shows that at the end of last year to such services as Apple Pay, GarminPay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and HCE (mobile contactless payments available directly in the banking application) Poles have already added about 2.6 million of their payment cards.

Meanwhile, Polish fintech clients can also use this type of solution. Therefore, only supplementing the data with the number of users of mobile payments supported by companies such as Revolut, Curve or Twisto can give a full picture of the popularity of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile contactless payments in Poland.

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Unfortunately, most fintech companies serving clients from Poland are reluctant to share their statistics in this respect. The editors sent relevant inquiries in this matter to Bunq, Curve, Dipocket, N26, Revolut, Transferwise and Twisto. These are the most important fintechs providing mobile payment services in Poland. Only two of them decided to share the data on this subject, namely Dipocket and Twisto.

And so from the data of the first, which offers Google Pay (the possibility of using this solution its customers obtained in the spring of 2018) and Apple Pay (on offer from March this year), it follows that at the end of April 2020 his customers added to both services approx. 1.6 thousand payment cards. Unfortunately, I can't determine what proportion of all Dipocket clients it is. Fintech has not reported statistics on this topic so far.

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The Twisto press office announced that over 10.1 thousand his customers in Poland have added a card to digital wallets. However, it should be noted that the company currently offers only Google Pay here, and only recently, since the first days of March this year. Apple Pay will be available only in the coming months. The company hopes that the number of its customers using mobile payments will increase quickly after the introduction of Apple Pay - similarly happened in the Czech Republic. There, a dozen or so percent of customers have connected their cards to Google Pay and a third to Apple Pay. In December last year, Twisto had around 90,000 in Poland. customers.

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