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The Polish company is developing social banking in Singapore

We are talking about the ePera platform founded by Leonardo Holding together with the Australian partner Geniusto

ePera is a special purpose company founded in Singapore for the needs of commercialization in the APAC region (Asia-Pacific) of technology developed in Poland and the accompanying new business model for financial institutions. The company's shareholders are: Polish Leonardo Holding (owner of, among others, OneWay company developing the Haiz project) and Australian group Geniusto International.

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The so-called social banking is currently being tested under the name ePera, which offers new opportunities for clients, banks and their business partners. - On the ePera website you can read that the combined system of banking products with non-financial products gives the opportunity to increase turnover, revenues of external partners, the number of customers, their loyalty and awareness.

It is worth recalling that Haiz did the same. It was a mobile application offered by Alior to the youngest customers. Through it, they could use banking services, such as a personal account or payments. In addition, using the application, they received access to products and services offered by the bank's external partners on attractive financial terms. However, after the departure of Alior, its founder and longtime president Wojciech Sobieraj, in 2018 the bank gave up on continuing the Haiz project.

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Tomasz Janas declares that ePera is currently conducting friends and family tests with several bank partners in a few countries of the APAC region. He hopes for an early production implementation and believes that the experience gained there will be used in the development of a new project that will also be launched in Poland and Africa in a short time. In its favor may speak, among others. current epidemic situation, which accelerates many digitization projects, not only in banking.


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