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Garmin Pay to Become Available at Second Bank in Poland. PKO Announces New Service

It is becoming more and more likely that the bank will also roll out Apple Pay

PKO will soon join BZ WBK in offering its customers Garmin Pay. The news was announced during a press conference by Szymon Wałach, the company’s managing director of strategy and digital transformation. - We are currently finishing work on implementing tokenization together with payment companies. The first solution offered based on this technology will be the Garmin Pay wallet - said the PKO representative.

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Tokenization is a platform that supports the development of mobile payments and e-commerce solutions. It allows for the substitution of a card number by a different number - a token - that enables payments only on the device it was assigned to. It means that in case it is stolen, there is no risk of fraud.

As for PKO, it seems that Garmin Pay will not be the only new mobile payment service offered by the company. There is unofficial chatter that the bank will also introduce Apple Pay. - We would prefer not to comment on that. What I can say is that Garmin Pay will not be the only tokenization-based solution we will offer - Wałach said.

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Apple Pay is a contactless mobile payment service for iPhones. Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently announced that the service will soon have its debut in Poland. My sources tell me that it will happen in the week beginning on June 18th. The first banks to offer Apple Pay in Poland will supposedly include Alior, BZ WBK, Getin, mBank and two others. PKO is probably not one of them. The company will likely introduce Apple Pay later on. Garmin Pay, on the other hand, is a Garmin smartwatch payment service. BZ WBK is currently the only bank to offer this functionality in Poland.


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