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Raiffeisen Digital Bank to offer free account with Visa Gold card in Poland

Raiffeisen Digital Bank has published a list of fees for the new account. Most of the services associated with the account, at least initially, will be free of charge

As reported by one of the readers of, the website of Raiffeisen Digital Bank, aimed at Polish customers, has been updated with information on the offer of personal accounts. And indeed, you can already find them there. You can also sign up for the waiting list for the accounts to become available, so you will be among the first ones to use the RDB account.

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RDB has also published a list of the most important fees and features of its new offering. These show that accounts will have a Polish IBAN number. Setting up and maintaining an account will be free, as will ordering transfers. The account will be manageable via a mobile app. There is no mention of an online transaction service, which means that, at least initially, there will not be one.

A Visa Gold debit card will be offered free of charge for the account. But it looks like only a virtual card will be available - there is no information about the possibility of ordering plastic. The card will be able to be added to the Google Wallet and you can use Google Pay to pay in stationary shops and take money out of contactless ATMs. Apple Pay is expected to be made available in the coming weeks. Cash transactions at ATMs, both in Poland and Europe, are to be free of charge.

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Raiffeisen Digital Bank is an institution that entered the Polish market in autumn 2021. The Austrian bank returned with an offer for individual customers after an absence of several years (it had previously decided to sell its local business to BNP Paribas). Initially, RDB only offered loans available via a mobile app. However, last autumn the bank announced that it was going to offer a full service package including accounts and cards. Read more about it in the text: 'Raiffeisen returns to the Polish market with full momentum. It will offer accounts and debit cards'.


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