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Movcar has launched a Polish-language version of its platform. No financial services for now

Movcar is a Romanian startup that offers a tool that is a 'driver's assistant' - it reminds you of maintenance deadlines and helps you keep track of expenses

The Polish language version of the Movcar platform has been launched. The tool is offered by a startup operating in Romania, which supports its customers in managing various car-related issues.

Movcar offers an app for drivers and fleet managers. For individual users and small fleets (limited number of vehicles), the tool is free of charge and allows, among other things, to enter the documents relating to the car and receive notifications of related deadlines, e.g. technical inspections, insurance, end of validity of vignettes, etc. The driver (or fleet manager) can also track vehicle mileage, as well as monitor car-related expenses and store invoices.

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Slightly larger fleets will pay PLN 5 a month per car or PLN 30 a year for the same functions. A richer set of services is provided in the highest package, costing PLN 10 per vehicle per month or PLN 60 per year. Those using it will be able to create any number of fleet administrator accounts, and also count on, among other things, 24-hour technical support, the possibility of creating sub-fleets or transferring data from a spreadsheet.

Movcar also allows fleet managers to send push messages to individual drivers using the app, or provide them with the necessary vehicle data and documents. It also helps to automatically create reports and analyses concerning the fleet.

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For now, it seems that the Polish version of Movcar may be of interest mainly to fleet managers as a digital alternative to calendar reminders and spreadsheets, allowing fleet information (about vehicles, documents, invoices or drivers) to be stored in one place with remote access. For the moment, it does not include financial services of greater interest to individual customers, which can be used by users of the app in its home market. Indeed, in Romania, the platform also allows, among other things, the purchase of insurance, reporting damage, calling for assistance, paying for parking and vignettes. Ultimately, these types of services are also to be on offer to Polish drivers.

However, the Romanian start-up will face competition from other fleet management tool providers already operating in our market and, in the case of individual customers, from a fairly broad set of applications supporting drivers. A similar range of services is offered by Autokonto, for example, while the ability to pay for motorway travel, parking or insurance purchases is provided by SkyCash, mPay or some banking applications, among others.


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