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Polish fintech Zen launches Titanium plan with metal credit card. And it wants to enter the US and Chile

For the most expensive plan on offer from Zen, you will have to pay around €20 per month

According to information from readers, Polish fintech Zen is carrying out its intention to enrich its offer with a new tariff plan, targeted at the most demanding group of customers. This information was confirmed in an interview with by Maciej Rynarzewski, responsible for product development at Zen. "We announced it some time ago, but now we can reveal some detailed data about the new offer. Customers will probably be able to use it in the second quarter of this year," says Maciej Rynarzewski.

According to the information he provided, the new plan will be referred to as Titanium and will be the most expensive on offer from the Polish fintech. It will probably cost PLN 95 per month (around €20). Currently, the Platinium plan, the most expensive on offer from Zen, costs PLN 30 per month.

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One of the distinctive features of Titanium will be a metal Mastercard credit card. - Formally, there will be no credit limit assigned to the card, but it will be treated by merchants as a credit card, which may be important, for example, while booking hotels or renting cars during foreign trips, says the representative of the Polish company. He adds that the card will be distinguished by its appearance, as well as the packaging in which it will be delivered to customers.

A number of additional benefits are to be linked to the new Zen card, aimed at frequent travellers and online shoppers. Amongst them, Maciej Rynarzewski names priority passage through queues at airports and insurance with high sums. Zen hopes that at least 5,000 customers will be interested in its new product in the first year.

But the new tariff plan is not the end of what is new on offer from Zen. The company is working on the introduction of an account for children over the age of 13. Tests of such an account are due to start in several European countries before the summer holidays. The fintech also wants to launch a referral programme. It will also expand the Zen Pay service (fast payments in shops using the Zen payment gateway) and enable it to be used without having to create a Zen account. The company also intends to offer its services in Chile and the US.

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Zen is a Polish fintech working closely with the Mastercard organisation. It holds a payment institution licence issued in Lithuania. It offers personal and business accounts, payment cards, online shopping tools, etc. The company recently passed two years since its commercial launch. It operates in the global fintech market and serves around 250,000 customers from dozens of countries, although most of them are Polish. Ukrainians are also a large group of users.

"In order to assess whether a quarter of a million customers is a little or a lot, it is worth comparing us to our foreign competitors when they were at a similar stage of development. It turns out that we are following a similar, or even faster, path than the best-known European challenger banks today", believes Maciej Rynarzewski. The company he represents employs more than 300 specialists in over a dozen locations, both in a hybrid and remote working model.


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