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Mastercard and Visa want to raise the cashback limit in Poland

According to, the limit for cash withdrawals via payment terminals may increase to PLN 1,000

Mastercard and Visa want to raise the cashback limit in PolandCashless. pl sources report that payment organisations Mastercard and Visa are planning to raise the limit on cash withdrawals from terminals while paying for shopping with a card. The limit would increase even up to PLN 1000. The closest possible implementation date for the new limit is Q3 of this year, and a more realistic one is Q4 of 2022. A proposal to this regard was already to be submitted to the National Bank of Poland.

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It is known that payment organisations are already probing the new limit in talks with payment terminal operators. Unfortunately, the press offices of Mastercard and Visa do not wish to comment on our information at this stage. The latter's press department has only sent a statement indicating that the company is committed to giving customers the choice of how they want to pay and withdraw money.

Cash withdrawal from a shop checkout while paying for shopping with a card is called cashback by Visa and Pay with a card and make a withdrawal by Mastercard. In turn, NBP calls it a shop withdrawal. Currently the maximum withdrawal limit for Visa cards is 300 PLN and Mastercard - 500 PLN. According to the latest data of the central bank (at the end of last year) transactions of this type could be performed in about 342,000 payment terminals throughout Poland.

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In the fourth quarter of last year, about 5.4 million cashback transactions were realised for a total amount of about PLN 750 million. The average payout was thus about PLN 140. This is therefore well below the current limits. However, according to some experts interviewed by Mastercard when the limit was raised to PLN 500 a few years ago, there is a large group of customers who would like to withdraw larger amounts. These are probably entrepreneurs running small businesses. Raising the limit would mean meeting their needs and would make the maximum withdrawal amount from a terminal equal to the limit for transactions in the most popular ATM networks.

The question arises, however, whether the lack of cash in cash registers will not be a barrier to further development of cashback. With the growing popularity of cashless payments, already today and with the current cashback limits, there are problems with completing transactions, precisely because of the lack of a sufficient number of banknotes at the cash desk.


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