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Here are the largest operators of payment terminals in Poland. At the end of the year they had over 1.04 million devices

The leader of the Polish market remains the eService, which at the end of December 2021 managed a network of 285 thousand terminals

Data collected by shows that at the end of December last year, the seven largest payment terminal operators in Poland had 1040.2 thousand devices in their networks. This is 197.5 thousand more than at the end of 2020 and 267.7 thousand more than at the end of 2019. However, it should be noted that the scope of the data has changed. I was able to persuade Elavon to make the statistics public, which appears for the first time in the figures for 2021.

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The leader of the Polish market remains eService, which in December 2021 had a network of 285 thousand payment terminals in Poland (in 2020 it was 268.5 thousand and in 2019 - 254 thousand). In addition, the company boasts that it handles the settlement of transactions in many other European markets. In total, it handles payments made at over 530 thousand POS throughout Europe.

The second largest operator of payment terminals in Poland is Fiserv (formerly First Data Polska), owner of the Polcard brand. In December last year it had over 210 thousand devices. Further positions were occupied by Polskie ePłatności (197 thousand) and the above-mentioned Elavon - over 121 thousand devices.

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In fact, there are more payment terminals on the Polish market than it results from the table below. Some operators do not show off their statistics in this respect. We are talking about such companies as Worldline (SIX) or SumUp. According to the data of the National Bank of Poland, at the end of September last year (the latest statistics available) there were 1.095 million POS terminals on the Polish market.

It can be expected that in 2022 the increase in the number of terminals will further accelerate, at least in the first quarter. This is due to the introduction from 1 January this year of the obligation to accept cashless payments by businesses using fiscal cash registers. Market information shows that the legislation, although it does not include sanctions for not having a terminal, results in a large increase in interest in installing new devices.


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