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Revolut has introduced interest-bearing deposits in PLN

Similar to euro savings accounts, Revolut is providing a new service in cooperation with Aion

In November 2021, the British fintech introduced interest-bearing accounts in euros. It announced then that it would soon offer deposits in other currencies as well. And it kept its word. Polish customers using the Metal plan have just received a new version of the Revolut app with interest-bearing savings accounts in PLN. They can be found in the Vaults tab.

To use the offer, you need to create a new subaccount in Polish currency. The money deposited there will bear interest of 1.4 per cent per annum. Interest is paid daily.

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The service launch time and account interest rates may vary depending on the type of account you have. Revolut has got its customers used to the fact that those who have a paid Metal account are the first to enjoy new services with better conditions. Usually, however, a few weeks later the new product appears in the offer available to all customers. In the case of savings accounts, though, owners of free accounts have to reckon with lower interest rates.

Let me remind you that while customers with paid Metal, Premium and Plus accounts receive 0.3%, 0.2% and 0.15% per annum respectively for the money deposited in euro vaults, other customers are offered a symbolic 0.1% by Revolut. In the case of PLN accounts, the differences are likely to be similar.

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It is worth mentioning that, just as with euro accounts, Revolut does not apply either a minimum or maximum deposit limit, and the deposited funds are secured up to EUR 100,000 by the Belgian guarantee fund. This is because Revolut offers deposits in cooperation with Aion Bank. As you may know, Aion Bank operates in Poland on the basis of a banking license issued precisely in Belgium.

Aion Bank in its own application also offers interest-bearing savings accounts. As reported, the interest rate there was recently increased. From 1 December 2021, customers using Smart and All-inclusive accounts will receive 1.5 per cent and 2 per cent per annum respectively. Money can be deposited and withdrawn at any time without losing interest.


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