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Fourth Quarter 2017 Data Shows 800 Thousand HCE and Android Pay Users In Poland

Fourth Quarter 2017 Data Shows 800 Thousand HCE and Android Pay Users In Poland

The number of customers making payments with their smartphones grew by almost a third during the last quarter

The biggest increase in customers using mobile contactless payments in the last quarter was observed by Pekao. The bank thus became the market leader when it comes to the number of mobile payment users. By the end of December Pekao had almost 169 thousand customers who used their smartphones for contactless payments.

PKO, the previous leader, is currently in second place with over 155 thousand HCE users. The bank has also observed a significant increase of customer interest in the service, but not as big as Pekao's. In September 2017 PKO had over 119 thousand contactless mobile payment users. Also in the top are BZ WBK, mBank and Millennium.

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As you can see in the table below, banks active on the Polish market had 766.9 thousand contactless mobile HCE payment and Android Pay users at the end of last year. That's almost 180 thousand more compared to the previous quarter. Unfortunately, some banks still don't share their data regarding this segment. This includes Nest Bank, Orange Finanse and BPS.


Based on the data from banks that have shared their info, we can also estimate the number of Android Pay users in Poland. mBank's press office boasts 106 thousand customers who activated the service by the end of December 2017. BZ WBK is in second place with 43 thousand customers using Android Pay, while Alior and T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe had approximately 40 thousand.

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When it comes to other banks offering Android Pay, BGŻ BNP Paribas had 5.8 thousand customers using this payment method, and Plus, which introduced the service to its offer shortly before the end of the year, had almost three hundred customers using it. Nest, Getin and Euro Bank do not share their data regarding Android Pay users, while Orange Finanse states that their users are included in their sister company mBank's data. This means that Google's payment service could currently have approximately 198 thousand users in Poland. At the end of September last year, it had about 150 thousand.



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