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The Booksy app will help you arrange a visit to the BNP Paribas branch

BNP Paribas Bank is establishing cooperation with the Booksy platform, known so far in the beauty salons industry

BNP Paribas announced that from today you can arrange a meeting with its advisers using the Booksy app. As we read in the press release, the bank introduces a solution known in the world of e-commerce to financial services to simplify clients' contact with the bank during a pandemic and reduce the time that needs to be spent in the branch.

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A meeting with a BNP Paribas advisor is booked in the application in one of the 100 selected branches of the bank in Poland and it may concern, among others investment or mortgage products. First, a branch is selected, followed by the date and time of the meeting. The next step is to choose a topic from the available list, which will include: mortgage products and investments, savings and accounts. After arranging the meeting, the user of the application receives confirmation by e-mail, and on the eve of the set date comes a reminder of the planned visit.

"New circumstances require new solutions, often revolutionary - such as, for example, a bank available on the platform previously associated with visits to a hairdresser or a rehabilitator. Our cooperation with Booksy has a great chance to become a breakthrough in customer relations with financial institutions", said Przemysław Furlepa, vice president of BNP Paribas responsible for the retail banking area.

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Booksy is known mainly for servicing the cosmetics and hairdressing services market. Approximately 7 million people used the application before freezing the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. BNP Paribas is the first bank to reach for this solution. The bank assures that if customers like it, it will develop cooperation with Booksy. The plans include covering other branches and making appointments with advisors in other specializations.


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