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Will Revolut Customers Get Apple Pay? Yes, But Google Pay Comes First

It seems like banks will outrace the British fintech in offering Apple Pay in Poland

Revolut is planning on introducing a contactless mobile payment service to its app. However, it will not be Apple Pay. The British fintech will first offer its customers a payment option from Google. Karol Sadaj, Revolut's manager for Poland, mentioned this while talking about the fintech company's operations in Poland during this week's Payment Meeting conference.

Asked when Revolut would introduce contactless mobile payments to its app, he said it would happen very soon. But he added that it will not be Apple Pay - the users will have access to Google Pay first. Sadaj did not reveal when the functionality would be introduced. My sources tell me that it might happen within the next quarter.

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Revolut's Edward Cooper promised that the app's users would be able to use contactless Apple Pay payments soon as far back as April 2017. He said that the functionality would be implemented within “months rather than years”. In September last year Kuba Zakrzewski, another Revolut manager, stated in an interview with Antyweb: “I would like to officially say to Antyweb that Revolut will have Apple Pay and Android Pay by the end of this year”. As we all know, this did not happen, but Karol Sadaj's declarations - he has been responsible for Revolut's Polish business for two months - are pretty clear. The fintech's customers will be able to pay with Google Pay first.

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This doesn't mean that iPhone users in Poland will have to wait very long to be able to use contactless smartphone payments. In December 2017 Cashless posted that five banks were negotiating with Apple to use Apple Pay in Poland - this included Alior, BZ WBK and mBank - and the implementation of the service is possible in the second quarter of this year. It seems like this will in fact happen. You will read more about that soon on


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