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Samsung's new approach to promotions. Offers PLN 700 back on Visa card, added to mobile app

The application was developed by ITCARD, which is working with Visa to implement new fintech payment ventures

Samsung has launched a promotion for those interested in buying a Galaxy S23 series smartphone. It is offering them a refund of up to PLN 700 on a prepaid virtual Visa card that can be added to the Google Pay on the Galaxy smartphone. The offer is the result of a collaboration between Samsung, Visa, Google and ITCARD, which is responsible for implementing the solution.

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To take advantage of the campaign, customers must opt to purchase one of Samsung's latest models by 18 June. Customers who choose the Galaxy S23 Ultra can expect to receive PLN 700 in reimbursement, for the purchase of the Galaxy S23+ model it will be PLN 500 and for the Galaxy S23 it will be PLN 400. You then need to activate the device and log in to the Samsung Members app (by 25 June at the latest). After 14 days, the user will find a unique code in the app. In the next step, he or she should download the Samsung Return on Card application, prepared by ITCARD, and enter the aforementioned code in it. Once the application has been successfully verified, the funds will be transferred to a virtual Visa card, which, once added to the Google Pay, can start paying at terminals that support contactless payments.

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Samsung emphasises that this is the first moneyback promotion whose mechanism does not involve the intervention of additional people or devices. At the same time, company representatives point out that its is the first stage in the development of promotional mechanisms based on mobile payments using a smartphone or smartwatch, which Samsung intends to develop in the future.

The project, prepared by ITCARD for Samsung, is the next venture carried out by this company under 'Fintech in the box'. Previously, the Food Town card, prepared for a foodcourt in one of Warsaw's shopping mall, was launched.


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