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Polish fintech Blik starts operations in Romania

Initially, Blik wants to set its sights on the Romanian market for e-commefce payments. Later it wants to offer other services as well

Polski Standard Płatności, operator of the Blik system, has announced the start of operations in Romania. As part of the Blik Romania company, the settlement system in Romanian lei will be developed and will be accessible to all issuers and settlement agents from this country.

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Blik's operator announced that Blik Romania was filed with the Trade Register in Romania in early December 2022. The position of president was taken by Ryszard Drużyński, with Michał Szymański and Paweł Dytry also on the board of directors. The supervisory board in turn included Dariusz Mazurkiewicz (president of PSP), Monika Król and Gheorghe Marian Cristescu.

Later this month, the company will apply to the National Bank of Romania (BNR) for approval of the Blik payment system in Romanian currency. According to the announcement, the system operator plans to replicate the strategy used in Poland in the new market and will first focus on Blik code payments in e-commerce. In time, the solution will also appear in terminals and ATMs.

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It is worth recalling that you could read about this planned expansion on almost a year ago. At the time, it was speculated that the first Romanian banks could still implement Blik in 2022 - a deadline that was not met. It should be noted that it was originally envisaged that Blik's international expansion would begin with Ukraine. These plans were thwarted by the Russian aggression against that country.


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