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Polish fintech PayEye introduces payments with eye and face biometrics

Company representatives declare that it is the first such hybrid payment technology in the world

A few days ago, Polish fintech PayEye launched its service in version 2.0. Many changes have been introduced compared to the first generation. The most important one from the customer's point of view is the possibility of remote activation of the mobile application. It is enough to download and install the app, confirm identity with a selfie and add a payment card. Previously, one had to go to one of the points with PayEye terminals, where one left a biometric pattern of the eye.

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Remote activation of the application is possible thanks to another novelty introduced in the PayEye 2.0 service, namely the so-called fusion of two different biometrics. The representatives of PayEye boast that their solution is the world's first payment service that uses both iris and face biometrics. Daniel Jarząb from the management board of the Wrocław-based fintech emphasises that this helps when correct identification of the customer by iris is difficult (e.g. through glasses or poor lighting in a shop). However, the use of eye biometrics for identification allows the service to be developed, for example, in Arab countries (the use of face coverings by customers there prevents payments based on facial biometrics).

The third novelty introduced in the PayEye 2.0 application is the change of the money source. As I have already mentioned, from now on you can connect a Mastercard or Visa card to the app and pay immediately. Previously, the so-called virtual purse had to be funded first.

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Fintech PayEye debuted with its service in mid-2020. At that time, it introduced a system that enables payments in stationary shops using iris biometrics. The solution involves supplementing the payment infrastructure with terminals capable of confirming customer identity based on biometrics. Daniel Jarząb emphasises that PayEye offers a terminal designed by its own team of engineers. The device is currently going through a certification process which will allow it to accept payments also with regular cards. Thanks to this, merchants who want to accept biometric payments will not have to have two different devices (one for cards and one for biometrics, as it is now).


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