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Poland's largest bank introduces its own BNPL

BNPL from PKO BP will be available on in virtually all online shops in Poland

PKO BP announced today that it is completing work on a deferred payment solution (the so-called BNPL - buy now, pay later). It seems that one of the most important features of the new service will be the fact that after its introduction by PKO BP it will become one of the payment options available in virtually all online shops in Poland and in many foreign ones, without the need for additional integration. BNPL from PKO BP will be available everywhere, where today you can pay using pay by link or Blik. So the option will also be available in stationary shops, if the Blik payment will be made by code.

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According to the CEO of PKO BP Iwona Duda, the intention of the bank she manages is for the widest possible group of the institution's clients to have access to the new service. Duda, however, avoided answering the question on how the creditworthiness analysis process would look like and how high the limits would be." At the current stage of work on the project, we cannot yet disclose such details", said the PKO BP CEO.

According to the bank's management, the new solution is currently undergoing tests with the participation of the institution's employees. Full implementation is expected later this year, probably in Q4. Initially, payments will be deferred for 30 days. Later, it will also be possible to pay in monthly instalments. A slide presented during the press conference shows a little bit how the process of activation and use of the service will proceed.

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It shows that BNPL in PKO BP is "Pay later". During the activation of the service will not be required to enter additional data, only acceptance of the conditions of use of the service. Then a PKO customer paying for something in a shop using pay by link,or Blik will receive a proposal to use the "Pay later" within the limit. The module for managing the service will be available both in the online transaction service and in the IKO mobile application.

The introduction of deferred payments by PKO BP in the model described above may deprive many customers of the existing players in the market such as Allegro Pay, PayPo, Twisto or Klarna. It seems that it may also hinder the introduction of Blik's own deferred payments to the market.


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