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Worldline introduces SoftPos with PIN. The first retailers in Poland are already using the application

For payments over PLN 100 or other payments requiring a PIN, the customer enters the PIN on the merchant's device

Worldline and Polish fintech SoftPos have boasted the implementation of a new version of the application terminal that allows the acceptance of contactless transactions requiring a PIN. The introduction of this solution was possible thanks to SoftPos' cooperation with payment organisations Mastercard and Visa and obtaining the relevant certifications from them.

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Previously, the terminal developed by SoftPos, with the same name as the company, could only be used for transactions that did not require a PIN, i.e. those below the limit of 100 PLN or made using Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets. The new version of the app, which allows accepting card payments also for higher amounts, has already been delivered to the first customers. As I found out from the representatives of the fintech, the tests so far have been successful and soon all users of the SoftPos software will be able to use the new version of the application that allows entering a PIN.

SoftPos is a payment terminal in the form of an application for Android devices, which works similarly to traditional terminals. To make a payment, the customer puts the card or phone to the merchant's device. If a PIN payment authorisation is needed, a numeric keypad is displayed on the device with buttons to confirm or cancel the transaction. As an added convenience, the keypad on the display can be flipped towards the customer without having to turn the merchant's smartphone or tablet.

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SoftPos ensures that its solution is compliant with all PCI, Mastercard and Visa security standards. The company is also proud to have received the PCI CPoC security certificate, as you could recently read about on Polish fintech is one of the first three companies in Europe, which received such certificate from PCI Council (it is an institution established by payment organisations, whose task is to take care of card transactions security).

And the solution itself, provided by SoftPos, can function as a separate application or white label software and can be installed on both commercial devices and specialist equipment designed for couriers, restaurateurs or conductors. The only requirements are Android 8.0 (or later), internet access and an NFC module.

It is worth mentioning that in February last year tests of an application terminal allowing authorization with PIN code were started by First Data Polska in cooperation with Visa. More on this subject in the text "Authorisation of payments with PIN on the merchant's smartphone". First Data and Visa are introducing PIN on Mobile technology.


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