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The JustDrive App Is Now Available. It Makes It Easier To Fill Up Your Car In Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany

The app's developer is hoping to extend its functionality to include selling insurance or renting cars

A new app for drivers called JustDrive has become available in Google Play and the App Store. It allows drivers to fill up their cars at gas stations without going to the checkout counter and to pay directly from a bank account connected to the app. The whole process only requires filling up your car, scanning the QR code located on the pump and confirming the transaction on your smartphone.

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JustDrive's operator is currently working with Orlen. This means that it's only possible to buy gas using the app at Orlen or Bliska stations in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. This adds up to 2.5 thousand stations, including 1.7 thousand in Poland. The app's developer says that it is in talks with other gas companies and will soon let drivers buy gas with the app at more stations.

However, JustDrive is currently only available to business customers due to the fact that, according to Polish tax law, individual customers buying gas need to be given a printed receipt. The company's representatives say that they are currently trying to work out a solution with the government. Let me remind you that the government is working on introducing an electronic receipt, which would allow businesses to send customers their receipt by email, for instance. It's also worth mentioning that Tankuj24, Unimot's rival app, is already available for individual customers.

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JustDrive's introduction comes with a special offer. Customers using the app to buy gas can count on a 5 gr per liter discount. The app can generate a cumulative invoice available in your smartphone. Payments are serviced by Dotpay and Straal. Plans for the app's future development include additional functionalities, such as buying insurance, car financing and car rental, as well as automated highway toll payments.


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