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Long-term, distance-based car rental service Happy Miles is starting its operations

The new service was created by a Grupa Getin Holding company

Happy Miles is a leasing-like service that lets you use a car without worrying about usage costs, apart from insurance and fuel. On top of that, there is no obligation to buy the car after the contract expires. Unlike leasing services, which would still likely be preferred by companies due to tax reasons, Happy Miles is targeting its services to individual customers who want to drive newer, better cars on a modest budget.

A Happy Miles car requires a fixed monthly fee and an additional fee based on actual distance traveled. The charges depend on the car model and contract length. For instance, an Opel Astra leased out for three years would cost you 558 zł a month plus 36 gr per kilometer traveled. A Peugeot 2008 would cost 633 zł plus 54 gr per kilometer. The distance fee is calculated based on data from a GPS unit installed in the car.

Happy Miles estimates that a total monthly cost of using an Opel (assuming traveling an average distance of 800 km per month) would be 926 zł. This, of course, doesn't include fuel and insurance costs. A policy can be purchased from Happy Miles or independently. The latter might be a better deal if you are eligible for discounts for a good driving record.


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