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Curve customer troubles in Poland. Duplicate transactions, rejected payments, lack of support to resolve problems

Difficulties in using Curve's services have escalated over the past few weeks, as evidenced, among other things, by customer postings on Google Play

As reported by readers who are also card users of UK fintech Curve, problems in using the company's services have been escalating for several weeks. This is also confirmed by customer comments on, for example, Google Play, the app marketplace for Android devices.

Among the most frequently cited irregularities are problems in finalising payments, rejection of Go back in time transactions (the ability to change the source of payment for a transaction made in the past), multiple blocked funds for the same payment, etc.

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According to customer feedback, the most common problems in using Curve's services occur when a payment is made from a Visa card account. The company's press office in Poland has stated that in such situations, users should contact their card issuers, which are usually banks. However, reports that Visa has not recently made any changes that could result in Curve transactions being rejected.

So it seems that the fault or change in the parameters of the solution provided by Curve must lie with this fintech. Unfortunately, as readers point out, Curve's customer service office has not been responding to complaints for a long time. I am trying to get a comment from the company on this matter. If I get it, I will update this text or write a new one.

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As a reminder, Curve is a mobile app and an associated Mastercard payment card. You can add cards from other issuers to the app and then pay from the associated accounts using the Curve card. So you only need to use one card to spend from different accounts. An interesting service of Curve is also the ability to go back in time, so changing the source of payment for a transaction made in the past.

The company recently announced its financial results for 2022, and it appears that Curve has managed to increase its revenue from around £8m to over £22m in the period. However, the company also reported an increase in loss before tax from around £59m to over £69m. The company continued to restructure its workforce and reduce headcount. It also boasted of having secured a further £58m of funding for growth.


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