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Payment implants of the Walletmor company founded by a Pole. Here are the details of the solution that has been loud in Poland for several days

Walletmor is a British company offering implants for contactless payments. Anyone willing, also from Poland, can implant it for 199 euro

For several days, the media in Poland, not only online, have been writing about the British company Walletmor, which offers payment implants. An additional flavor of the case is added by the fact that one of the two founders and co-owners of Walletmor is a Pole, Wojciech Paprota. Here are a few details about this project that you will not read about on competing websites.

Payable implants are not entirely new. We hear over and over again that such a solution has been introduced somewhere in the world. Two years ago, the world circulated the information that 4,000 Swedes had already sewed in implants, with the help of which they pay for their purchases. However, according to Wojciech Paprota, most of the solutions of this type, previously implemented in various countries, operated in closed environments. So, with such a sewn-in implant, you could pay, for example, for food in the staff canteen, but not in a clothing store.

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And here you can see the advantage of the Walletmor product. The company's implant can be used for payments at all contactless terminals in the world that accept payments with standard cards from organizations such as Mastercard or Visa. Walletmor cooperates with iCard, which has an electronic money license issued in Bulgaria and operating in the European Economic Area. The company's offer includes Visa cards. You could read about iCard on the website, among others on the occasion of the introduction of Apple Pay by this company, also available to Polish customers.

To take full advantage of the Walletmor implant, you must install the iCard application, create an account in it and connect your implant with it. A wearable device, such as a smartwatch, is associated with the application in a similar way. The iCard account can be topped up with almost any amount that will cover the expenses with the implant. It is important, however, that iCard has not yet offer accounts in zlotys (they are available, for example, in euro). Payments with a Walletmor implant may therefore involve an additional cost in the form of currency conversion.

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The cost of the Walletmor implant is 199 euros. In addition, the cost of sewing it in any part of the body, most often in the hand, must be added. The implant contains a small microprocessor and a proximity antenna similar to the one found on any contactless card. Although the device is about half a millimeter long and weighs less than 1 gram, the creators do not recommend carrying out the implantation on their own and advise to entrust it to professionals, e.g. specialists from any aesthetic medicine clinic.

"Our implant is safe in contact with human tissue, which has been confirmed by research conducted in the United States. The implant has also passed a number of tests, such as an MRI test, liquid nitrogen test, and high and low pressure tests. Research has confirmed that the Implant Walletmor does not cause any disease and can be installed in the body without the slightest risk", says Wojciech Paprota.

The Walletmor implant entered the market a few weeks ago. Currently, the services of the company are used by over 100 people, of which over 30 are Poles, including the co-owner of the company, Wojciech Paprota. "Our device works immediately after implantation, and the healing of a wound after a small incision in the skin usually takes two to four weeks", declares Wojciech Paprota.


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