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mBank will introduce an interesting service. It will enable ordering transfers without confirmation with a code from an SMS or mobile authorization

mBank has announced a new solution in the regulations just published. However, each client will be able to turn it off

mBank has just published new regulations that will apply to its clients next year. Among the introduced novelties, the most interesting is the function that allows customers to make external transfers without confirming with a one-time code from an SMS or the so-called mobile authorization. Moreover, the new service will be automatically enabled for all customers using the website.

At first glance, the new option seems quite risky for both mBank and its clients. The bank's press office, however, ensures that the solution will be introduced to individual customer groups gradually and will be preceded by an information campaign. In addition, each customer will be able to resign from the new service and then the authorization of outgoing transactions will be carried out according to the current rules.

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According to the regulations announced today, transfers without additional authorization will be able to amount to a maximum of PLN 500 (I assume, however, that these are the majority of transactions carried out by customers of this bank). The protection against the situation in which criminals take control of the customer's account using phishing and make many transfers in a row for the amount of e.g. PLN 490 will be the monitoring of transactions carried out by mBank non-stop. Therefore, it may happen that a transfer within the limit will have to be authorized.

Moreover, to order such an unauthorized transaction, the customer will have to log in to the account in accordance with the so-called strong authentication, i.e. from a previously tested device and browser.

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The mBank press office reports that although the new solution is already included in the regulations that have just been published, the decision on when the service will be made available has not yet been announced - information on this subject is to be announced at a later date. It is known that the change will apply to all retail banking customers, i.e. natural persons, private banking account holders as well as small and medium-sized companies.

Why does mBank risk introducing a service that can potentially generate a certain number of frauds? The bank explains that this is primarily to make the use of its website easier and faster - the customer will be able to make most of the transfers without rewriting codes from SMS or logging in to the mobile application. The willingness to save on the costs of sending text messages with one-time codes is also not without significance.


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