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VIG will test the new digital brand Beesafe in Poland

Protection of Beesafe customers will be provided by Compensa, a company from the VIG group

Vienna Insurance Group, an Austrian insurance group, is introducing a new motor insurance brand. Insurance will be sold and handled entirely in digital channels. Poland has been selected as a pilot country for the project, and insurance protection on our market will be provided by Compensa - a company from the VIG group. The Beesafe brand will officially debut in the fourth quarter of this year. If the project is successful, the solution will also be introduced in other markets where the VIG group is present.

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Insurance will be available on the website, by a mobile device or desktop computer, as well as by phone. The key to success in distribution is to be a refined process of selecting and purchasing insurance. As Rafał Mosionek, head of the Beesafe brand declares, the creators of the solution tried to think about the purchase process as if a child were thinking about it. Therefore, the calculator for calculating the OC / AC rate is to be the simplest and fastest one on the Polish market.

Ultimately, the claims handling will also be performed remotely - via a mobile website. In order for the claim notification and handling to proceed efficiently, the insurer will use tools based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze the client's documents.

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Beesafe will offer its customers motor insurance: OC, AC and assistance, which can be supplemented with the "Comfortable driver" service. As part of the service, provided in the door-to-door model, Beesafe will deal with technical repairs, sheet metal repairs, tire replacement and technical inspections.

The insurer also offers insurance for people using traditional or electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards, motorcycles and segways in the city. Regardless of whether the insured person owns the vehicle or just rents it, Beesafe will provide assistance in the event of an accident. If the insured person suffers an injury, he can count on a benefit of up to PLN 10,000. PLN (NNW), and the damage caused by it to third parties will be compensated up to the amount of PLN 50 thousand. PLN (civil liability insurance in private life).


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