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Karol Sadaj goes to Aion. The former head of Revolut in Poland will manage the Wojciech Sobieraj bank branch

Aion, a digital bank based in Brussels, developed, among others by Wojciech Sobieraj, the legendary founder of Alior, wants Sadaj to prepare the institution to start operating in Poland in 2021

Karol Sadaj has joined the management team of Aion Bank as Country Head Poland, the institution's press office informed. As we read in the press release sent to the editorial office of, Sadaj will be responsible for the development of Aion's product offer in Poland and for creating a team that will launch the bank's services on this market in 2021. Aion began operating in Belgium in March 2020, and Wojciech Sobieraj, one of the most famous bank managers on the Polish market and former president of Alior, is behind the project.

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“We created Aion Bank with the conviction that banking must be more transparent and always have the customer in the spotlight. We are glad that we can offer our services in Poland and that Karol will lead our activities. We count on Karol's experience in business development. I am sure he will be a perfect complement to our management team while introducing new banking rules to Poland and abroad, ”said Wojciech Sobieraj, president of Aion Bank.

Karol Sadaj is known in Poland primarily as a co-author of Revolut's success on the Polish market. During his tenure as a country manager, the British fintech gained over 1 million customers in Poland. "When Wojciech Sobieraj shared with me the vision of Aion Bank, I took the opportunity without hesitation to cooperate with him and help in the development of Aion's operations in Poland. I am passionate about building brands, but most of all I believe in what Aion is trying to achieve to change banking", says Sadaj. He adds that most Poles believe that banking is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. And in his opinion, Aion offers something different. "I am convinced that Aion will change the way Poles think about banking", adds Sadaj.

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As I mentioned before, Sadaj was responsible for introducing Revolut to the market and developing it in Poland. Previously, he was Uber's marketing director here and held the positions of Industry Manager at Google and brand manager at PepsiCo.

Aion offers its services on a subscription basis. This practically means that you have to pay 19 euros per month for a fully functional account. This is quite a lot, but in return you get free withdrawals from ATMs around the world with no amount limits, cards with which you can pay in many currencies without the cost of money exchange, free domestic and foreign transfers, including SEPA instant transfers, high interest savings accounts and interesting instruments investment. The bank operates thanks to a license issued by the National Bank of Belgium and the ECB. Therefore, the money invested in it is covered by guarantees up to the amount of PLN 100,000. euro. You can assume the official start of Aion in Poland will mean, among other things, adding accounts in Polish zlotys to the application.



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