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Santander Bank Polska is the first bank in Europe to introduce the 3DS version 2.2.0

The bank wants to offer services based on the new standard before it becomes universal

Santander Bank Polska announced that it was the first in Europe to introduce a new version of the 3DSecure protocol - 2.2.0. It is a standard that allows you to confirm card payments on the Internet, e.g. with a code from an SMS, as with transfers. Its new version gives consumers more opportunities. An example is maintaining a list of entities for which the client does not want additional confirmation of the transaction. This arrangement has existed so far for bank transfers. Thanks to the new protocol, it will also be available for payment cards.

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The innovative function of the refreshed 3DS standard is the so-called "delegated authentication" option. As long as the online store ensures adequate security, it will no longer be necessary to confirm the payment again by the card issuer. Version 2.2.0 also brings the so-called "decoupled authentication" - an authentication that is not related to the purchase process itself. This can be useful when confirming payee initiated transactions. As a result, the customer can pay, for example, a electricity bill after receiving only a request to authenticate the transaction. He/She will confirm it using the Santander mobile application, and the bill will be paid automatically.

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The bank emphasizes in its announcement that it will be some time before such solutions are widely available on the market. However, Santander wanted to prepare for changes as quickly as possible. A decision was made to certify with Visa for 3DSecure version 2.2.0, thanks to which the institution will be able to look for solutions that are optimal for itself and its customers before they become mandatory. As a member of Banco Santander, Polish Santander may become a provider of this service for other representatives of the Spanish group.


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