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Mastercard and First Data Polska introduce cash deposits in Żabka stores

The service is available to clients of several banks operating on the Polish market

The press release of Mastercard, Żabka and First Data (payment terminal operator owned by Fiserv) published this afternoon confirms morning information of on the implementation of a new, interesting financial service in Żabka stores. We are talking about the payment on the card, and therefore the possibility of depositing cash on the account associated with the card while shopping. It is a new alternative to transactions with cash deposit machines and deposits made during a visit to a bank branch.

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According to the press release, the new service has been made available in all Żabka stores in Poland using First Data payment terminals (about 6,000 stores). Payments can be used by Mastercard card holders, issued, among others by Alior, Pekao, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, ING, mBank and Santander. The maximum transaction amount is PLN 500.

To use the new service, the customer should inform the cashier that he wants to deposit cash into his account. The seller receives the money to be credited to the account, counts it and enters the appropriate amount in the cash register system. Then the customer inserts or brings his card to the terminal and confirms the transaction with a PIN.

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At the first transaction, in accordance with Polish legal requirements, the customer must provide their data - name, surname, Pesel number, series and number of the ID document and its expiry date - by presenting an ID card or passport at the cash register. When using the service again, the customer must show the cashier an ID document. Żabka does not charge any commission for making a payment to the card. After its completion, the customer receives a confirmation of payment from the seller. The funds will appear on the account within a few to 30 minutes of the operation, sometimes longer, depending on the card issuing bank.


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