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Taxify's new strategy for the Polish market. Can the company outshine Uber?

Estonia's Uber competitor wants to expand on the Polish market with financing secured from DiDi, a Chinese taxicab mogul

Warsaw is probably Uber's third biggest market in Europe by number of rides, after Paris and London. This means there is a lot at stake - no wonder other companies are trying to take a bite out of the Polish capital. They do this with varying results - in April France-based Heetch backed out of Poland.

In December last year the Estonian company Taxify started operating in Warsaw. Just like Uber, it offers an app that lets users order and pay for rides, as well as a platform that connects passengers and drivers. Taxify is already present in 25 cities in Europe and Africa, totaling over 2,5 mln passengers. However, they gave up their fight for Warsaw after several months. Even though the company didn't officially back out from Poland, the app is currently used by only a small number of passengers and drivers.

This may, however, change very soon. In early August Taxify gained an important ally. News agencies have informed that the Estonian company secured funding from Uber’s Chinese counterpart, DiDi. The brand is backed by moguls like Alibaba and Tencent. It has been reported that the additional financing is meant to speed up Taxify’s expansion on certain neglected markets.

This means that Taxify is setting out to start a new life in Warsaw. The brand's development in Poland will be directed by an entirely new team. - We are currently recruiting new drivers and trying to get back in touch with those who stopped using the app - said Taxify's Dominik Wolski. He revealed that drivers interested in working with Taxify might receive a sign-on bonus of up to 500 zł. The passengers, on the other hand, will be encouraged to use the service with a 50 percent discount.


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