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Kia car owners from Poland will be able to pay for parking from their car? The manufacturer has registered the KIA CarPay trademark

The solution appears to be similar to the Hyundai Pay system recently launched in the US

The latest issue of the Polish Patent Office Bulletin features the logo for the KIA CarPay service. According to the description, payments using the on-board system can be offered under this brand, among others. The application allows payments from the vehicle for refuelling, parking, cornering, food, beverages and other purchases. The Korean manufacturer has also specified that credit cards, banking services or automated payments can be offered under KIA CarPay.

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It is not known whether the filing of the service logo with the Patent Office means that Kia intends to introduce it on the Polish market in the near future. We are trying to find out at the Kia press office in Poland. Files can be found on the internet showing that the KIA CarPay service is already operating in other markets.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that Hyundai, which is part of the same group as Kia, announced a few months ago the launch of Hyundai Pay, for now only in the US. There, the solution works in collaboration with the provider of the Parkopedia service, which allows payments for, among other things, refuelling or driving on toll roads.

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To use Hyundai Pay, the payment card must first be linked to the service, and this is done via the touchscreen in the car. During the payment itself initiated on the same screen, the system connects to the Parkopedia software to finalise the transaction. Read more about this in the text 'Using Hyundai Pay, drivers will pay for parking'. Initially, the service will appear on the screen of Kona models.

And the KIA CarPay logo looks like this:


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