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InPost has launched InPost Pay

To start using the service it needs to be activated in the InPost Mobile application

InPost has launched the long-announced InPost Pay service. For the time being, it is a beta version, which manifests itself in the fact that using InPost Pay you can only pay in one shop for the time being, belonging to the operator of the largest parcel machine network in Poland. To start using the InPost Pay service, it needs to be activated in the InPost Mobile app. This is possible on both Android and iOS devices.

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The fact that InPost is in the final stages of implementing its payment solution has been known for several months. At the end of June this year, the company's CEO Rafał Brzoska presented the details of the new service during a meeting with representatives of business partners. It was then that the website could be the first to learn what InPost Pay is going to be.

Now InPost has provided more information about InPost Pay on its website dedicated to the service. There you can see a video with instructions on how to activate and use the new solution. This information is in line with our reports from June.

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Once InPost Pay has been activated, all you have to do in the webshop on the product card is select the "Add to basket in InPost Pay" button. If you will be shopping for the first time in the respective browser, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. The selected product will then automatically be added to the shopping basket in the InPost app. Subsequent products added to the shopping basket in the shop will also be added to the basket in the InPost app at the same time. Once you have finished shopping, you will be able to pay for it in the InPost app by card, Blik, digital wallet or cash on delivery. Once the transaction has been finalised, the parcel with the order will be sent, for example, to a pre-remembered parcel machine.

Will InPost's new service be a success? According to the experts I spoke to in June, the chances of this are high due to the popularity of the InPost app, which is used by more than 10 million customers. As a result, InPost Pay immediately gains a huge base of those potentially interested in using the service. In turn, shops may be persuaded to offer the new solution with, for example, discounts on parcel delivery to parcel machines.


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