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Revolut will change the look of the app. See the first screenshots of the ongoing tests

Revolut's new app design is expected to arrive with the app's upgrade to version 10

As cashless. pl readers have reported, Revolut intends to change the look of its mobile app. This is to be revealed by screenshots found on the internet. This information was confirmed by the company's press office in Poland. - With Revolut version 10, there may be a major facelift of the app. Beta tests are in progress, their result will determine if and what will be new - Stefan Bogucki, spokesman for Revolut in Poland, told

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It is worth recalling that the UK fintech is also experimenting with a new logo in the mobile app. This may be indicated by the logotype that appeared in the app marketplaces on the occasion of one of the previous updates. The revised logo later disappeared. Read more about it here.

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And in terms of other new additions to Revolut's offering, Amazon recently appeared in its Shops service. Customers shopping on the US platform via Revolut's app can expect a moneyback of 2 per cent.

And Revolut's new app in ongoing testing looks like this:


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