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Otomoto is introducing the Otomoto Pay service. It will make it easier to finance the purchase of a car

The Otomoto Pay service was created in cooperation with Carsmile, which belongs to the same group as Otomoto

Otomoto, one of the largest automotive classifieds platforms on the Polish market, has announced the launch of a new service called Otomoto Pay, developed in collaboration with Carsmile. Both Otomoto and Carsmile are owned by the same owner, the South African group Naspers.

Otomoto Pay is a solution that is integrated into the classifieds platform to help finance the purchase of a car. By the end of the first quarter of next year, the Otomoto Pay service will be available randomly for half of the advertisements displayed on Otomoto. Anyone interested in the tool will also be able to use it via the website. Meanwhile, from April 2023, the solution is to be available with all advertisements on Otomoto.

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The originators of Otomoto Pay declare that the service makes it possible to quickly find financing for the purchase of a vehicle from one of 18 financial institutions, such as PKO Leasing, BNP Paribas, Alior, Santander, Raiffeisen, Cofidis, Inbank, Arval or
As I already mentioned, Otomoto Pay has been developed in collaboration with Carsmile, which provides the technological solution for this service. Otomoto Pay automatically checks the applicant's creditworthiness without affecting the value of his or her scoring in the Credit Information Bureau. Once the user has applied directly on the website, the money is credited to his or her account in as little as ten minutes. As part of the service, the customer also receives the opportunity to generate three vehicle history reports prepared by autoDNA.

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Customers using financing through Otomoto Pay will additionally gain the possibility of including insurance for the car they decide to buy in the instalment of a loan or lease. The tool will recommend the most favourable Civil Liability/AC offer, selected from among the proposals of 15 insurance companies cooperating with the Punkta comparison engine.

Soon after the solution's launch, users are also expected to gain access to the Scan&Buy service, which will determine the market price of a car based on a scan of the vehicle's number plate or the QR code in the registration certificate and automatically offer the user options for financing it with Otomoto Pay. The creators of the new service hope to use it to finance the purchase of cars worth around PLN 300 million next year.


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