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Polish company Europa launches insurance application

In the app you will find, among other things, travel, cycling and skiing insurance, short-term insurance for mobile devices and white goods, as well as dog and cat insurance

Europa Ubezpieczenia has launched a new app for purchasing insurance. It is called app2U and from today it can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store. Through app2U you can buy 11 types of insurance, grouped into four main categories. These are: Mobile and consumer electronics, Sports and travel, Tickets and events, Dog and cat. So users will find, among other things, travel insurance, insurance for activities such as skiing, travel cancellation insurance, etc.

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The contract is concluded directly in the application and any damage is reported there. To buy insurance, the registered user indicates the product he/she is interested in, chooses the period of protection and parameters, and then adds the policy to the basket. In the case of some insurance policies, such as bicycle theft insurance, it is necessary to take a photograph of the insured item. All the policies in the basket can be paid for at once, and the protection starts as soon as the premium is paid, which can be done using a payment card, Blik or pay by link.

Europa's new product provides access to inherently short-term insurance, such as travel and cancellation cover, but also enables pay-as-you-use cover for risks that are normally insured on an annual basis. The main advantage of this type of insurance is that you can only buy cover for the time when the risk of damage really increases, so for example when you go to take pictures during a mountain trip, and not when your camera is safely on the shelf at home. The downside is the relatively high price.

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App2U is already the second sales application prepared by Europa, after Screenity. Meanwhile, other insurers on the Polish market are rather sceptical about this sales model. On the other hand, Aviva and Play Ubezpieczenia do not have very positive experiences with selling insurance via an application. Aviva wanted to sell motor insurance in the on-demand model: autocasco and assistance. However, the project was abandoned after one season. In turn, Play Ubezpieczenia wanted to gather policies of several insurers under one umbrella and sell long-term protection in the subscription model, with a minimum monthly insurance period. This idea also did not meet with a warm reception from potential customers.


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