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Polish banks want to use blockchain for customer communications

Major institutions are looking for service providers who could build a system that would allow them to communicate with customers using the same technology that was used to create bitcoin

Banks used to send most of their documents regarding changes in fees or terms and conditions to customers via traditional mail. It wasn’t a progressive solution - it was costly and heavy on the environment. Since most customers today access their accounts online, banks started sending these documents using the inbox in the online banking system. But regulatory institutions are not entirely happy about it.

The anti-monopoly regulator states that banks should provide customers with access to service regulations, fees, etc., even after any contracts between them and the bank have expired or been terminated. That is why building a system using blockchain technology to communicate between banks and their customers might be a good solution. We have been able to confirm that the Polish Bank Association is working on using this technology for a permanent record. Banks are currently looking for companies that would be able to provide them with an appropriate solution.

These companies may include Billon, whose offer includes a permanent record product. Jacek Figuła, who is responsible for sales at Billon, said that the company is currently in talks about using their technology for creating a permanent record with the majority of banks operating in Poland. Billon might be the first Polish company to use blockchain for mobile payments. Their system, working in an open pilot phase, was already modified to accommodate a permanent record in 2015. Figuła says that all they need is an end user interface, which can be developed together with the banks.

The Billon representative claims their solution meets all permanent record requirements of the Polish Office of Competition and Customer Protection. The institution is not explicitly against it. - If, during the proceedings, banks present us with a blockchain solution, we will issue a statement on the technology. We cannot evaluate it at this point - says Agnieszka Majchrzak from the Office’s press team. The unofficial word is that anti-monopoly regulators are warming up to blockchain technologies.


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