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Autopay will introduce fuel payments at petrol stations in Germany and Poland

New service should be available on Autopay later this year

Autopay press office informs about the planned introduction of a new service to the mobile application which will be the possibility to pay for fuel filled up at petrol stations. The solution will be available first and foremost this year in Germany, in 1.2 thousand stations of three networks: Jet, Hem and Sprint. It will operate on the basis of geolocalisation. The customer, driving up to the station, will have to launch the application and after refuelling, the payment for fuel will be collected from the bank card connected to the application.

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According to Autopay, a little later, i.e. in Q1 2022, the new Autopay service will also be available to the fintech's Polish customers. However, the company does not give the name of the network at whose petrol stations it will be possible to use remote payments for refuelling.

If Autopay implements the announced solution, it will be another application in Poland allowing payment for fuel without the need to go to a cash register. Such solutions as Orlen Pay or Lotos Pay&Go already operate on the Polish market. However, Autopay has a chance to raise the comfort of paying to an even higher level, as the solutions available so far require the user to scan a code from the distributor and confirm the transaction.

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Autopay is a company managing the application of the same name, separated from Blue Media, a company based in Tricity. It is used primarily to pay for travel on the A1 and A4 motorways (between Katowice and Krakow). It can also be used to pay for parking at selected private car parks and to pay for car washes. For a long time, the company has been announcing its expansion abroad, which is possible, among others, thanks to the payment institution licence issued by the Bank of Lithuania.


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