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Santander Group's BZ WBK Will Introduce Visa Garmin Pay Payments in Poland

Santander Group's BZ WBK Will Introduce Visa Garmin Pay Payments in Poland

BZ WBK customers who use Mastercard cards have been able to use Garmin smartwatch mobile payments for several weeks now

One of our readers has just informed us that he managed to connect his BZ WBK Visa card to a Garmin smartwatch. The reason this is interesting is that Garmin Pay has so far only been available to those of the bank's customers who used a Mastercard. I was able to confirm this with BZ WBK's press office. The bank said that the service has been implemented on a test basis, but it is available to anyone interested in trying it out. It should be announced to customers in the next few days.

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Garmin Pay is a service that uses so-called tokenization. It allows for a safe connection between a bank card and almost any device, not only mobile, using a sequence of numbers called a token. A token is only valid for the device it is assigned to. Stealing it and trying to use it on another device would therefore be useless. Other systems, such as Google Pay (already available in Poland) and Apple Pay (which Polish users are still waiting for), also use tokenization.

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BZ WBK is the first bank in Poland to make Garmin Pay available to its customers. Customers who have any of the bank's Mastercard debit or credit cards have been able to enjoy it for several weeks now. has already posted about BZ WBK planning to make Garmin Pay available to Visa users, but the news hasn't been official until now.


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