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Poland's Second Largest Bank Will Offer Blik, Local Competitor to Mastercard and Visa

Poland's Second Largest Bank Will Offer Blik, Local Competitor to Mastercard and Visa

The news about Pekao joining Blik was announced at a press conference

Representatives of Pekao and Polski Standard Płatności, the company in charge of Blik, have announced the start of their cooperation. Blik is set to be included in the PeoPay mobile app in the second quarter of this year. At first the bank’s customers will be able to use Blik to withdraw money from ATMs, pay for purchases at traditional stores and pay online, including a one click model. The bank also stated that it will be the first company to offer recurring payments via Blik.

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In the second phase of Pekao's Blik implementation, which is planned for the third quarter of 2018, the acceptance network for this payment instrument should also include payment terminals managed by Pekao. At that point the bank is also planning to offer P2P Blik payments, which allow customers to transfer money using just the recipient's phone number. This will make use of the introduction of Express Elixir, a solution managed by the National Clearing House (KIR) that allows immediate transfers and used by Blik for P2P transactions.

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Blik is a local mobile payment standard that competes with Android Pay and similar products from Visa and Mastercard. The implementation of Blik at Pekao means that the majority of Polish bank customers can now use the solution.


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