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The Cashless Poland Foundation Launches Its Payment Terminal Network Development Program

The Cashless Poland Foundation Launches Its Payment Terminal Network Development Program

As part of the program companies that have not been accepting card payments so far can receive a free payment terminal for a year

The Cashless Poland foundation has announced the launch of its Cashless Payment Support Program. The program is based on an agreement between the ministry of development, Mastercard, Visa, terminal operators and the Polish Bank Association signed in mid 2017. The project is aimed at small businesses that would like to start accepting cashless card or contactless mobile payments for their products and services.

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Companies that participate in the program will benefit from a free POS terminal installation and twelve months of cashless payment service for no charge. Cashless Poland's press release states that businesses interested in participating in the project will soon find out which payment terminal operators are taking part.

Mieczysław Groszek, Cashless Poland president, is quoted saying that the goal of the program is to make cashless payments more popular by making them as widely available as cash payments. - A rise in the number of businesses that accept payment cards will make monetary transactions more modern and more efficient, which in effect will strengthen the Polish economy's development - he said.

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Deputy minister of development Tadeusz Kościński added that he would like to see the number of POS terminals in Poland doubled within three to four years. - This could make Poland the European leader in this area - he said. - “Cashless Poland” is a unique project not only because it's a joint initiative of the key participants of the payment market, but also due to its unparalleled scope and reach - Polish Bank Association's Pietraszkiewicz concluded.


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